valentine’s day contest 2020 

This February we are celebrating Valentine’s Day! To get in on the fun, just join our Valentine’s Day Contest in February. We’ve even put together an official Valentine’s Day JO Decoration Kit for you! We also created specially branded, JO Hand Warmers you can use as the focus of your display. 

At the end of the month, we’ll be picking winners in every region around the globe. The winning stores will receive a $150 gift basket to share with team members!

JO Valentines Day Contest Decoration Kit.png


1. Purchase  1 case of the gift set (6 units) to receive your official JO Valentine’s Day Decoration Kit.

2. Use the products, kit, and your own merchandising creativity to transform your store into the coolest looking Retail location possible.

3. Post your display on instagram with the hashtag #JOvday2020 and enter via our website link below.

All submissions will be displayed on this website for everyone to see! Once the contest ends, our entire staff will vote and winners will be chosen from around the world. Closing date for entries is 14th February with winners for each region being announced 17th February 2020.

If you have any questions or would like to order additional decoration kits, contact us here.

Click the link below to enter the contest!