JO® Master Training Kits are on their way!

Friday March 25, 2016


1. JO® Master Training Product Collection

  • you have received samples of every JO product except Silicone Free Hybrid Lubricant - currently on BO and will be sent out with your DONA Training Kit.

  • for new sales team members we wanted you to have product at your fingertips to check out and get personal with - as well as have everything accessible for customized trainings 

  • we do not expect you to travel with the entire kit for each training, but to use your best judgement for selecting the best groups of product for your audience and training purposes

  • MKTG Dept will provide training planogram & set up directions for specifics groups of products that you must present during Q1/Q2 period and Q3/Q4 period. Visual aids and set up instruction have been provided in your guide book enclosed (see photo)

  • Q1/Q2 - see page one of your training guide book. mktg wants you to focus on the following products:

  • LMAX series - new hot categories - selling like wildfire - introduction of 7 and 21 day sku's

  • JELLY series - new-ish introduction - got a little lost in the SWC launch and need to bring additional focus to non SWC retail buyers

  • CLASSIC COLLECTION series - as your talking point for the rebranding

  • AGAPÉ series - for reformulation

  • NATURALOVE™ USDA Organic series - for reformulation

  • SKIN CARE series - cross section of body and supplement categories - cross merchandizing and upsell talking points

2. JO® Product Training Set Up Guide

JO Product Training Setup
  • this outlines Q1/Q2 focus products and set up visual

  • this shows all mini family groupings of product - designed to help you customize your trainings. Example: if you are presented to a gay focused retail store, use our classic collection and men’s collection as your focal groups and layer in male focused supplements,  jelly’s, toy play and backdoor collection. Presenting 6 groupings is ideal - anything more makes your training less impactful b/c it’s too much information.

*we have provided a visual and excel version of the product mini families. Please refer to the item code assigned if you need to re-order for training purposes. These item codes are not intended for external sales.

  • to reorder any part of the master training kit we have created an online “shipping request” order form that will automatically go to sales support (Tori) for processing. We will be emailing you additional information about this later this week.

3. JO® Product Training Manual

  • this is your golden ticket to understanding everything you need to know about our products. 

  • learn it. love it. live it.

  • priority is to get a copy of this into every retail location that have a SWC. Please ask at retail level if they have one - or if they would like one. The only company that has rec’d to date is ROMANTIX.

  • you will be able to request on our SALES CENTRAL portal using the “shipping request” form. 

4. JO® Prop Training Prop Kit

  • this includes plexi display risers, acrylic sign holders, black table cloth, branded table runner and pull up banner.

  • this kit is created specifically to provide maximum impact during trainings and is mandatory that you use at every training

  • a clean and crisp presentation speak volumes and we expect you to pay attention to the small details that make a huge impact

  • mktg collateral inserts for your acrylic display stands will be provided semi-annually. the 6 focus product groups mentioned above have been included. They are in the white envelopes

  • the pull up banner comes with a carrying case. please take care of this. they cost $200 to replace.

  • please take a photograph of each training set up and include with your store report submission. we need this for evaluation as well as valuable input from the sales team for future improvements.


Please note that your DONA by JO® Training Kits are currently being finalized and we expect to ship within next two weeks. We will provide notification when they ship.

International Team - (Rebecca/Ngaio) please note that your JO Training Kits are being held until DONA kits are completed due to shipping costs. Tori will keep you posted.

Again, the SALES CENTRAL will be your go to place for MKTG and SALES TOOLS. This is our internal communication tool and not for EXTERNAL use. This is a place for you to go to download price lists, training manuals, SWC collateral, shipping request access, store report access and archived announcements from head office (so you don’t need to scroll through your emails trying to find something. A sneak peek of the landing page is attached.


Have fun with your kits - and go get ‘em guys and gals!