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"This is one of the best lubricants I've found. It is smooth, not sticky and cleans up well"

"Convenient for office, car, shower or anywhere. Great feeling, long lasting, and no odor. Easy-to-use dispenser cap. Great buy!"

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Reviewer: Mary Ledford
Rating: Five Stars

I usually do not like warming lubricant, but this one would have to be the best that I ever tried. It does not feel like I am being burned while using it.

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Dave1025 from Medford, OR
5 out of 5 rating

This product worked wonderfully... my wife enjoyed how long it stayed without having to apply more lube, and it was as close to the real thing that we have tried.


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JO H2O Flavors 
Rancho Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

I had the privilege to review JO’s H2O flavored lube (Cherry Burst, Lemon Splash, Raspberry Sorbet, Strawberry Kiss, Tropical Passion, and Watermelon).

The flavored lube is water based which means it is safe for all toys, especially silicone toys. JO’s lube does contain glycerine which is a common ingredient in water based lube. Unfortunately, glycerine has been found to sometimes cause or worsen yeast infections in women… yuck, yeast is for bread! If you’re not susceptible to yeast infections, chances are nothing will happen. The only other inherently negative thing with water based lube is that it doesn’t work well in watery environments (shower, hot tub, 24 hour fitness pool, etc.). Now for the fun stuff.

JO advertises that the lube has a great taste with no aftertaste, no artificial sweeteners, never sticky, and that it feels silky smooth like silicone. I’m very skeptical and hesitant to believe a product’s claims, but sure enough it’s all true. The flavors are intense and taste like syrup, so it’s perfect. It truly wasn’t sticky despite its extremely sweet taste. The flavors are actually pretty tasty as well. Most artificial cherry flavors for instance taste like cough syrup to me, but this one tasted more like an ice cream topping.

Lastly, I want to comment on its feel. It certainly felt better than many of the water based lubes I’ve tried, and lasts a reasonable amount of time before drying out. It does feel similar to silicone, but silicone doesn’t dry out like water based lube does. For water based, flavored lube, I definitely give it 5 out of 5 stars.

—Rick Ryder


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"This stuff is wonderful! I have always had a real problem with other lubricants causing irritation and sometimes even infection. YIKES!!! But this one doesn't, and it lasts also, which is a plus."

"I have always had a real problem with most lubricants causing irritation after use or even causing infection. But this lasts a long time, and feels great! Not to mention the fact that it causes me zero irritation."

Customer Reviews for System JO Premium Personal Lubricant from Undercover Condoms

“Let's not forget the great tingling sensation it gives you! If you haven't tried this stuff yet, BUY IT NOW. Worth the money and you won't be disappointed.”

“This is by far the best lubricant my girlfriend & I have ever used. It never dries, and aside from having to hit the shower to wash it off, it's an awesome product!”