Product Review Form: Personal Lubricants

What is the name of the product that you tried?
This is located on either the bottom of the bottle or at the top of the tube along the spine. If a production sample was provided, this information will be listed within the initial information email. FOIL SAMPLES DO NOT REQUIRE THIS INFO TO BE PROVIDED.
Provide a numerical rating for each question below and follow up with a short summary discussing your rating
1 = Lowest rating and 10 = Highest rating
Packaging, Labeling, Design, etc. Please use N/A upon receiving a development sample for review.
How to apply, how frequently to use, when to use it, etc. Please use N/A upon receiving a development sample for review.
Application, Dispensing, Storage, etc.
Think about your first impression after placing this product in your hand, or on your body.
Viscosity, texture, and overall feel when used.
Duration of use, presence over time, and general function.
Fragrance, aroma, and general sensory feedback relating to use.
Not all products are developed for flavor. Please select N/A for products that have not been tasted, or do not require tasting.
Are the ingredients recognizable, positive, beneficial, or unknown.
A recent example of a product with similar indications of use, directions, ingredients, or labeling claims.
Please use N/A if not applicable.
Use any criteria that you desire to make the comparison. Please select N/A if you have not tried a similar product recently.
You have our number, is there a possibility of a second date?
You don't have to do it right this second, but would you?