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JO® All-In-One Massage Kit

KIT CONTAINS: Silicone-Based Warming Massage glide, Massage Shape, Tea Light Candle & quick start massage guide. JO® ALL-IN-ONE gift set for couples that offers a perfect introduction to sensual massage.

JO® NURU Massage Gel

JO® NURU MASSAGE is a Japanese style of sensual massage designed to increase emotional closeness and deeply connect couples through full body contact. After a shower while skin is still wet, apply JO® NURU MASSAGE GEL to both bodies. Use the entire body as a massage tool to relax and arouse. Apply relaxing pressure to targeted muscles and erotic zones. For example: breasts against shoulders or buttocks against lower back. This playful product makes for a night of adventurous fun!

JO® Not So Vanilla Sensual Massage Candle

The JO® NOT SO VANILLA SENSUAL MASSAGE CANDLE is a perfect romantic massage tool for couples. Made with natural soy, this candle will melt into a warm and fragrant oil. Ideal for exploring the contours of the body and enhancing sensual play.

JO® All-In-One Massage Glide

JO® ALL-IN-ONE MASSAGE GLIDE is formulated with
the highest quality silicone. Since very little is needed to achieve a smooth glide, it’s perfect for a long lasting full body massage experience.

BONUS: massage glide locks in moisture once applied.
Leaves skins with a glistening shine and makes color
tattoos look like new!

Available in 5 aromas and 2 Sizes