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United Consortium (the manufacturer behind the System JO brand) is so excited to send you FREE samples of our best selling products discreetly to your door, as well as some top-secret products that we’d love for you to try.  All we ask in return is your honest feedback - that's it!

As easy as lather, rinse, and repeat!

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3.) When your trial is completed, simply use the review link enclosed within your shipment to provide your feedback.

That’s it!  There’s no catch - we know you’ll love our products as much as we love hearing from you about them, so we’ll call it even! Of course, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Share your voice and be a part of the group that will help to shape the future! 

Joining our consumer review panel is easy to do and is friendly to all experience levels. Whether you are the world's leading expert or brand spanking new, you are more than qualified to share your perspective, and we count ourselves lucky to hear it! Put your innate consumer skills to work and have fun doing it!

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