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United Consortium - 29000 N. Hancock Parkway Valencia, CA 91355

United Consortium - 29000 N. Hancock Parkway Valencia, CA 91355

Who is United Consortium?

United Consortium is a contract manufacturer located in sunny Valencia, California. We are best known for our sexual wellness brand, System JO, that started back in 2003. Interesting fact, our flagship product known as JO PREMIUM was developed in 1999 as a private label endeavor for a group of gynecologists. The demand for this product continued to grow so rapidly, that by 2003 System JO was created to help meet consumer demands. We decided to bring to the world a complete SYSTEM of intimate solutions, each formulated with the average JO in mind; we dropped the e to embrace gender neutrality.

We are a manufacturer that focuses primarily on class II medical devices; you may know them as personal lubricants. Our facility is registered annually with the FDA to gain the clearance necessary for manufacturing medical devices, along with specific OTC products (over-the-counter-drugs.) We are ISO 13485 compliant, which means we follow a comprehensive quality management system. This system is an international standard for medical devices that focuses primarily on continual improvement to planning and procedure; a commitment to always working towards perfection.

Today, System JO has grown to offer six different product categories (Personal Lubricants, Stimulants, Body, Supplements, Hygiene, and Massage) with over 230 sku's available. Because we get it, people are different. What works for one may not work for others. We even have a satisfaction guarantee in place to assist consumers find exactly what they like. We do everything we can to educate consumers and provide a safe environment for exploration.

As System JO became established, United Consortium began developing a sister brand to offer consumers new experiences within the bath and body category. In July of 2013, DONA by JO was released to the world and we invited couples everywhere to spend more quality time together - alone. Our collection includes options like: bubble baths, massage lotions, intimate shave gels, massage oils (lickable/kissable options available), and high end perfumes. To truly capture the fun and flirty side of DONA, we enhanced every item with pheromones and aphrodisiacs to improve attraction, connection, and communication. 

Dona has three primary branches (Pamper, Play, and Entice) to invite couples to come together. For us, this is all about those moments together that become strong memories of a life spent together in love, lust, or just lazy relaxation. Things like preparing a surprise mid-day massage, having a relaxing bath drawn for you, or walking into a room that smells sweet and inviting with a trail of flower petals leading to the bedroom. Whatever you imagine, Dona is happy to bring along the romance; because Dona believes in love at first sight and has felt that spark that lies hidden in a kiss.


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