The Importance of Sex Toy Cleaners (Part 2)

In the 21st century, sexually active people are well aware that unprotected penetrative sex – anal or vaginal – can lead to a variety of sexually transmitted diseases (STD). You may not have received much sex education from school, but most health and science teachers are quick to mention sex causes diseases and babies. We don’t learn about pleasure or that sex is normal, but we learn that much.

Giving and Receiving an Erotic Massage

If you are looking to turn up the heat, try giving and receiving an erotic massage. This experience can open so many doors for couples, whether things are just starting to get serious, or you have been together for a long while.

The Importance of Sex Toy Cleaners

Infection is the wrong kind of dirty and when thinking about sex. It may be one of the scariest subject for everyone. Keeping things clean so you can get ‘down n’ dirty’ without bacteria nesting in those secret spots - that’s the objective every time.

5 Sexy Fall Date Ideas

Autumnal amusements seem to be more about fun for kids than playtime for adults. Pumpkin patches. Apple picking. Hayrides. The start of a new school year brings an excuse for students to entirely reinvent their style statements (not to mention the perks of both recess AND lunchtime).